Vocational students have the opportunity to participate in diverse vocational student organizations. Organization offerings include: Automotive Club/Skills USA, Sponsor Mr. Ricky Jones; Building Trades Club/Skills USA, Sponsor Mr. Fred Taylor; DECA(Distributive Education Clubs of America), Sponsors Mrs Meg Newcomb and Mrs. Lisa Jones; Health Services Club, Sponsor Mrs. Anise Shuffield; Educators Rising Club, Sponsor Mrs. Allison Ashmore; Information Technology Club/Skills USA, Sponsor Mrs Jennifer Mulvihill; and Metal Trades Club/Skills USA, Sponsor Mr. Phillip McCarter.

The Grenada Career and Technical Center advances a practical learning environment by furnishing sequenced programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or further specialty study in a variety of job skill areas.

Special services are extended to assist students in completing the vocational program in which they are enrolled. Remedial education assistance is available to eligible vocational students experiencing reading, math, or language deficiencies. Vocational counseling and guidance services are also supplied, rendering information for students concerning course offerings, placement, opportunities for further education, career training opportunities, and career information.The Metal Trades program of welding and the Building Trades program of carpentry within the Career Center participate in the "Wheels of Learning" initiative. This program entitles students in these two areas to become nationally certified after two years of training and summer on-the-job training. Sponsored by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, students will be qualified to secure employment nationwide.
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