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by Cindy Willis, Band Secretary
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GHS Summer Band News

Summertime is definitely here, and band continues on!  On the 25th of June four girls chosen for Lions’ Banded departed for camp in Ellisville, Mississippi, for a few days of rehearsals and practice at Jones Community College with other musicians chosen from across the State.  GSD students chosen from statewide auditions are: Mary Kate Livingston, Leeanna Meadows, Karen Chan, and Madison Gettys.  Madison is the veteran of the group, having chosen the last four years.  Mary Kate and Karen have been chosen two years in a row and Leeanna will be a first time participant.  The Lions Band traveled to Seattle, Washington, and participated in the Lions’ International Parade Competition with students from across the country.  Of course, a little time was set aside for a recreational sightseeing in Canada.

Preparations are underway for high school band camp.  Barry Rogers offers suggestions for camp preparation, “Students should start preparing themselves for camp now.  They should spend time each day outside to become acclimated to the heat and humidity.  If the weather continues as it is, we will have a HOT camp, and the more the students are accustomed to the heat, the better.  They also need to be working on their music.  After time not practicing, the lungs and the mouth tend to be a little weaker.  Spending time practicing now helps speed things along once camp begins.”

Students attending camp should be prepared for the weather.  They need to wear light colored clothes and bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and have plenty of water.  To showcase the accomplishments from camp, there will be a preview of the show for the public in the stadium on July 29th at 6:00 p.m. Band camp letters will be sent out with schedules for camp, but a few dates are listed for reference.
Monday, July 18-22- Drum Majors, Guard, and all Percussionists
Thursday, July 21-Section Leaders
Friday, July 22-Freshmen and Section Leaders
Friday, July 22-Full Band Camp in afternoon
Monday, July 25-29-Full band camp
Friday, July 29-Band Public Preview at GHS Stadium