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Senior Class President Karen Chan Article

From day one of freshman year, we had always heard how great it was to be a senior.  Seniors were always known as the “coolest, oldest, and most spirited.”  We as freshmen could not wait until that day we would become seniors.  Little did we know, three years would pass by quicker than the blink of an eye.  Now, our last school year has gone by, and we are about to graduate! 

We could not have made it this far without the encouragement and support from our family members, friends, and school staff.  As for me, I do not think we could have had any better senior year.  We have made tons of memories as a senior class, such as riding in the senior parade, cheering at all the Charger games, winning the spirit stick at pep rallies, crying at the senior slideshow, raising money at the senior auction, dancing at the senior prom, and last but not least, looking forward to earning a diploma at the senior graduation! 

As we approach our next steps, I know that our class is comprised of talented, skilled individuals that will go far in life.  This new chapter in our lives is not promised to be easy, but if we have made it this far, there is no doubt that we can make it even further!  I have thoroughly enjoyed this cheerful last year of school, and I hope that our class has made it memorable and inspirational for all the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  All seniors want to leave a lasting impression on the underclassmen, and I pray that our legacy will not be forgotten!
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