Grenada District Schools
GSD boasts excellence in academic pursuits, scoring above the state average in ACT scores, standardized testing, and state evaluation initiatives. A successful well-rounded athletic program is also available for students in the District. Students consistently win regional, state, and national science fair competitions, Knowledge Bowl contests, and Reading Fair Exhibits. Math competitions garner many statewide awards, including the state trigonometry winner!

Grenada Elementary
Enthusiasm for learning is a priority of the Grenada Elementary School. Housing over 1,600 students in kindergarten through third grade, Grenada Elementary is a state-of-the-art facility that has been recognized by Business Week Magazine as the Number One Rural School in America. Promoting high expectations is the standard for the faculty and staff who are committed to providing a positive and motivating environment in which children can realize their potential as dynamic, self-confident learners. We are challenged by the precept, “If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way the child learns.”

Grenada Upper Elementary

Fourth and fifth graders are very curious and learn best by experiencing and exploring their environment. At Grenada Upper Elementary, we offer our students many opportunities for these optimum learning experiences. Upon entering the front door of GUES, the Discovery Lab dominates the view. Inside the Lab’s glass walls, a variety of creative activities are provided for our inquisitive students. Hands-on opportunities for learning through an inquiry-based curriculum expand student learning by direct experiences. The instructional process achieves success by increasing student knowledge through activities, experiments, and the latest advances in technology.

Grenada Middle

A tour of Grenada Middle School immediately demonstrates to the visitor the commitment to quality education. The walls have been transformed into teaching tools through the use of timelines, sculptures, and paintings and the court yard provides an experience into the early days of Mississippi Choctaw Indians through the replication of an authentic Indian homestead. At the Grenada Middle School the curriculum extends beyond the ordinary in basic, supplementary, and remedial courses to enable every student to excel. Emphasis is placed upon language and writing in combination with organizational and study skills necessary for effective communication.

Grenada High

The varying academic and technological needs of Grenada High School students are met by rendering a broad range of concentrated instruction and courses to prepare students for the global world. Math and science courses are supplied for every level and a variety of languages are offered. For students requiring general or pre-college studies, Grenada High School offers special programs in addition to the regular curriculum for the pursuit of realistic goals.

Career and Technical Center
Grenada Career and Technical Center

The Grenada Career and Technical Center advances a practical learning environment by furnishing sequenced programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or further specialty study in a variety of job skill areas. Special services are extended to assist students in completing the vocational program in which they are enrolled through remedial education assistance in reading, math, or language deficiencies and vocational counseling and guidance services.

Tie Plant School
Tie Plant (GED and Alternative School)

The Tie Plant School houses Alternative Education and one of the GED Programs. GED education offers classwork in social studies, science, literature, writing, and mathematics geared toward preparing students for the GED test. Additional GED/skills classes are provided in conjunction with the Career and Technical Center. Alternative Education students are given the opportunity to evaluate their behavior for modification, improve relationships with students and teachers, and improve attendance habits.

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