Students enrolling in the Grenada School District for the first time must report to the principal's office to begin the registration process.
New students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The following information is required when registering:
(1) Withdrawal grades or report card (may be FAXED from former school)
(2) Address of former school
(3) New home address (Civil Defense 911 Notification Card required) residency verification and phone number.
(4) Immunization records - MS Form 121
(5) Birth Certificate
(6) Social Security Number
Before any student will be registered, the parent/legal guardian must be present with valid documentation.
Documentation Required for Registration
A student entering a Mississippi public school for the first time must present a certified copy of his/her birth certificate. A student
entering the District for the first time is required to present the following prior to enrollment in the District:
* Proof of residency (see Residency Verification in this handbook)
* Clearance from the former school including current grades
* A Certificate of Compliance certifying that the student has had all required immunizations. For further
information on immunizations, please contact the health department.
* A statement of whether the student is under an expulsion from or has an expulsion proceeding pending in the former school
If a student is under an expulsion from or has an expulsion proceeding pending in the former school district; special enrollment
procedures apply. For further information, please contact the Superintendent.

Students must physically reside full time (weekdays/nights and weekends) at a place of abode located within the limits of the District.
With the exception of students who are lawfully transferred into the District, all students must meet the residency and verification
1. Verification
Each student enrolling for the first time in the District or each continuing student whose residence has changed must verify his
residence as part of the registration process. Documents that may be used for verification must include a street address. At least two
of the following must be presented:
a. Civil Defense 911 Notification Card
b. Filed Homestead Exemption Application form;
c. Mortgage Documents or property deed;
d. Apartment or home lease;
e. Utility bills;
f. Driver's license;
g. Voter precinct identification;
h. Automobile registration;
i. Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated District official;
j. Any other documentation that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the student resides within the school
district; or
k. A certified copy of a filed petition for or decree of guardianship, except where the guardianship was executed for
purposes of school attendance.

The parents or guardians of continuing students whose residency has not changed since initial verification must sign a Declaration of
Residency form as part of the registration process each subsequent year.
*Current telephone numbers and addresses are essential for emergency purposes. Whenever there is a change of address or
phone number, PLEASE notify the office with the new information.

2. Homeless Children
When a child is determined to be homeless as defined by the Stewart B. McKinney Act, the District shall consider and take enrollment
action that is in the best interest of the child.

3. Students Living with Adults Other Than Parents or Legal Guardians
A student residing with a non-parent must meet the same requirements stated above for residency verification.
The non-parent resident must provide the District with an affidavit stating his or her relationship to the student and that the student
will be living at his/her abode full-time, and providing documentation fully explaining the reason(s) (other than school attendance
zone or district preference) for this arrangement.
The Board of Trustees or its designee will make the factual findings necessary to determine whether the residency of a student with a
non-parent is appropriate for school attendance purposes.

4. Transfer Students/TUITION
Individual students living outside the geographic boundaries of the Grenada School District may request a transfer into the Grenada
School District upon the written consent granted by the Board of Education/Trustees of the district in which the student resides. The
Grenada School District Board of Trustees, may, in its discretion accept the student requesting the transfer. The acceptance of the
transferring student must be spread upon the minutes of the board. It is the intention of the Grenada School District Board of Trustees
to, at all times, comply with section 37-15-31 of the Miss code of 1972.
The Grenada School District Board of Trustees shall charge an annual tuition at the rate of $900 per student. If however, a family has
two or more students transferring into the Grenada School District, the tuition charged shall be $600 for the second child and $400 for
each child in excess of two.

5. Further Information
For further information regarding residency, please contact your principal.