Mission Statement

The Grenada School District has as its mission the education of each student to his/her maximum potential. We believe that all children can learn and deem it essential to provide each child with learning experiences that will enable them to become productive members of society. Realizing that students in our district exhibit a wide range of needs, interests, capabilities, and backgrounds, the educational program is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of each student. The district's curriculum structure has standardized the content by identifying "core skills", both local and state, which represent an appropriate curriculum for all students.

In order to accomplish our mission, the district is committed to five components of effective schools-
1. A clear school mission
2. Strong instructional leadership
3. A safe and orderly climate
4. High expectations
5. A system to measure achievement

Educational Philosophy

The primary purpose of the Grenada School District shall be to produce an environment in which students will become independent, self-motivated individuals that can function effectively in society. The schools furnish materials and guidance that will incite the student's curiosity to launch the student on a lifetime journey of exploring, probing, and learning. To help prepare the student for this journey, the school provides a wide, solid base of knowledge and skills, which will feed and sustain the student as he/she searches for knowledge about himself and the community in which he/she lives.

Our school offers two unique services to the community. First, it offers a broad range of concentrated academic instruction and guidance to all the youth of the community. Second, it offers a practical learning environment for students who wish to acquire immediate vocational skills.

The faculty shares responsibility with the community and home for producing young adults who possess poise, grace, and moral integrity. Therefore, the school helps provide an environment and opportunities that will enable every student to develop and mature physically. The administration and staff encourage classroom and extracurricular activities that promote student interaction. Also, students are encouraged to take an active part in events both in and out of the classroom. Finally, through this continuous physical, social, and academic interaction, the school encourages each student to develop a sound moral philosophy that will promote the building of a useful life.