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Preparing the Yearbook

Encarta Dictionary defines "yearbook" as "A book compiled by members of a graduating class of a high school or college, commemorating their school year and usually including photographs of the students." Created by the Grenada High School yearbook staff, a group made up of members of the student body ranging from seniors to sophomores, the GHS yearbook consists of the memories and moments that immortalize each school year.

The 2017 – 2018 staff consists of 13 students this year – an odd number to be sure – but one that seems to work amazingly well so far. Students on the annual staff are (seniors) Kate Hayward and Danielle Robinson; (juniors) Alissa Aldridge, Adison Bell, Kennesha Brock, Cameren Duke, Sharon Henderson, Nory Lorenzo, and Chelsaye Wiggins; and (sophomores) Angel Beck, Nick Johnson, Savannah Laughlin, and Shanna Melton. With only four veteran members, the staff is basically new to the yearbook game, but their enthusiasm more than makes up for their lack of experience. The returning members have embraced their role as leaders and keep everyone on track!

Ad sales are the first item on the agenda for the yearbook staff. Business ads help defray the cost of the yearbook and allow businesses to show their support for our school. Cold sales calls are tough for adults (myself included), and they are especially hard for budding young salesmen. Please be patient with these students as they are learning to interact on a business level through trial and error. Thanks to all the businesses that support our book each year; your support means the world to us.

Senior recognition ads are great ways to honor your senior and to let them know just how proud you are of their accomplishments. These ads range in size from a full page to an 1/8th of a page – so there is something for everyone. Make your senior feel special with a senior recognition ad in the 2018 GHS Charger yearbook! Feel free to call or email with any questions regarding business or senior recognition ads.

The next item on the to-do list is theme choice. This actually begins during the spring of the previous year, but usually is finalized at the beginning of the new school year. The group begins by listing a variety of themes they have brainstormed through research. The ideas are then voted on by the group. After a tie between two themes this year, the staff arrived at a compromise. (The theme can't be revealed here, however, because the staff keeps it a secret until the yearbooks are delivered in the spring!) The theme is very important, because it affects the design of the cover – the first big deadline that the staff must meet – as well as the design and flow of the entire book. Once school activities are well under way, the staff keeps busy attending and photographing events for publication. As photos and ads filter in, the layout and design of the book actually begins. What groups will go where? Will the order of pages remain the same as last year or will it change? Which photos best represent each sport, event, or club? These are all decisions that must be made and enacted by the staff.

This year, the two main fundraising projects of the yearbook staff will occur early. Charger Olympics takes place September 5, and the GHS Beauty Revue occurs on October 26. These two events are produced entirely by the yearbook staff with help from various teachers. Thanks so much to all the teachers that volunteer to help with these projects! When March rolls around, staff members frantically try to complete pages and fit in one more spring sports game or school event to round out the photos for the yearbook. After all pages are complete and have been checked and re-checked, the book is submitted for publication. After submission, the staff breathes a sigh of relief and holds their annual wrap party to celebrate. Then the whole process begins again!

Important yearbook-related dates to remember:
• GHS Beauty Revue – October 26, 2017
• Business Ads/Senior Recognition Ads – Payment due by Friday, December 1, 2017. Please have any images and text for these ads available by this date.
• Yearbook Purchase Deadline – January 10, 2018
o Yearbooks may be purchased at GHS or online at: jostensyearbooks.com
If you have questions concerning the yearbook or anything related, please contact Stephanie Raper, (662)227-3476 or sraper@grenadak12.com.