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Who's Who 2012

One of the most anticipated annual events at Grenada High School recently took place as students nominated their peers and voted for Who’s Who.   Each year, the categories for Who’s Who change somewhat to fit the theme of the GHS Charger yearbook.  The categories are developed by the GHS Annual Staff and approved by administration before nominations begin.  Cooperation from the English teachers at GHS, who supervise nominations and voting,  is essential due to the fact that every student attends an English class.  The GHS Annual Staff would like to thank the GHS English department for their help with this endeavor!

            While some of the Who’s Who categories change from year to year, others remain steadfast throughout the decades such as Class Favorites and Class Sweethearts.  Students from each separate grade classification (freshmen, sophomores, etc.) nominate their peers and vote within their respective class for these categories. 

            The other Who’s Who categories are nominated by seniors only, but students in other grades may be nominated – not just seniors.  After nominations have been completed for all categories, the students must be checked for eligibility.  In order to be eligible for Who’s Who, students must have been enrolled in the Grenada School District for the entire second semester of the prior school year.  Students must also have a 70 overall average in his/her academic classes to be eligible. 

            This election is no small task as several students are nominated for each category.  The GHS Annual Staff spends many days developing ballot sheets so the election will run smoothly.  Class Favorite and Class Sweetheart elections are voted on and counted by hand, while students vote for Who’s Who categories on a computerized ballot that is tallied electronically.  After all the votes have been tallied, winners are notified and pictures are scheduled for the yearbook.  Who’s Who receives a special location in the yearbook, while Class Favorites and Class Sweethearts pictures are placed on the opening section for their respective class.

            Winners from this year’s Grenada High School Who’s Who election are:

  • Senior Class Favorites – Jaylan Bledsoe, Guy Braswell, Karen Chan, Destini Crawford
  • Senior Sweethearts – Dani Denley, Mya Golliday
  • Junior Class Favorites – Cody Carson, Rodnesha Leigh, Bryant Poe, Mary Courtney Self
  • Junior Sweethearts – Breanna Bess, Ashley Topps
  • Sophomore Class Favorites – Titus Benson, Nyterica Edget, Garrett Haddock, Sydney Taylor
  • Sophomore Sweethearts – Jessie Meadows, Kayla Redditt
  • Freshmen Class Favorites – Jarvis Benson, Cocoa Hall, Ashley Kellum, Joseph Wilson
  • Freshmen Sweethearts – Tiara Watson, Grace Worthy
  • Miss GHS – Karen Chan
  • Mr. GHS – Jaylan Bledsoe
  • Campus Cuties – Olivia Worthy, Guy Braswel
  • Most Talented – Dani Denley, Jerry Clark
  • Most Athletic – Jatavia Horton, Trey Bledsoe
  • Best Friends – Rhandi Adams, Destini Crawford
  • Class Clown – Kaitlin Harrison, Jerry Clark
  • Biggest Flirt – Ashley King, Shaq Tables
  • Steve Jobs – aka Apple Addict – Karen Chan, Grayson Morrow
  • Most Intellectual – Diksha Dadlani, Bryant Poe
  • Top Tweeter – Rhandi Adams, Zach Armstrong
  • Best Smile – Bridget Hancock, Guy Braswell
  • Most Likely to be on Cover Girl or GQ – Ashley King, Shaq Tables
  • Biggest Gamer – Dora Able, Darren Pritchard
  • Drama King/Queen – Lakarcha Hubbard, Robert Pascul
  • Most Spirited – Valencia McFadden, Presley Coleman

            Congratulations to all the winners!