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General Educational Development-What is the GED?

The General Educational Development test, or GED, is actually five small tests that you can take in one day or over a series of days.  The GED certificate is recognized today by most colleges and employers as the equivalency of a high school diploma.

The current version of the GED test, known as the 2002 Version, is the fourth iteration of the GED.  Originating in 1942, the test was developed to help returning veterans obtain a high-school equivalency.  By the 1960’s the test became readily available for civilians. The second generation of the test came out in the 1970’s, followed by the 1988 version. The 2002 version was implemented as a college and career-ready standard when it was created, but by 2008, it was deemed as not truly being college and career ready. There were two major shortcomings of the 2002 Test:

1. It did not truly determine if a student was prepared for the rigor and intensity of college, and

2. In this modern age, the GED Test did not have a technological aspect.

Due to these two facts, GED testing started the process of producing a new test which was set to debut in 2012.  However, in 2009, Common Core burst upon the scene, and it was determined that the GED Test needed to be aligned with these more rigorous nationwide standards.  The idea of a 2012 test was scrapped in favor of the Core, leading to a new batch of questions and logistics.

Other companies are creating their own “High School Equivalency Test”.  Some states are jumping to these tests instead of the 2014 GED because of the cost and complications involved in the GED. Mississippi is currently in the process of changing the wording of all its statutes from “GED” to “High School Equivalency” in case the state moves to another test in the future.  However, until January 2, 2014, Mississippi will still utilize the GED. 

The Grenada School District congratulates Nicholas Pittman and Dakota Cadena for passing the GED exam in August 2013.  These students were enrolled in the district’s GED program and successfully completed it.  The GED program for our students is offered at two locations in our district, the old central office building and Tie Plant Alternative School. We also have an adult center that offers GED classes for adult community members.

The Grenada Adult Education Center is located at 423 South Line Street and houses the Grenada School District's Adult Basic Education Program, the Adult Grenada GED Testing Center, and the Parent Resource Center.  The Grenada League for Adult Development (GLAD), a volunteer adult literacy program serving Grenada County since 1986, is also housed here.  Adult services available at this site include adult literacy tutoring, volunteer tutor training, basic skills classes, GED preparation, English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes, and adult GED testing. Grenada Adult Education Center students should be at least 18 years old and not currently enrolled in a K-12 school.  The Parent Resource Center serves as a link between the home and the Grenada K-12 schools. The Parent Resource Center is designed to provide information, materials, and training for parents, children, and teachers. The goal of the center is to build the parents' capacity to help their children succeed.

The Grenada School District encourages education at all levels and strives to provide opportunities for all traditional and non-traditional students.  If you have questions about the GED, please contact the GSD Central Office or the Grenada Adult Education Center.