ART II Classes Create Portraits of Veterans

Honoring our troops has become a mantra we hear quite often.  At Grenada High School, Art II students recently completed a project that actually put the words into action.  As the end of a unit on  portraiture drew to a close, the students were given an assignment to complete a portrait of a soldier in honor of Veterans’ Day.  The soldier could be a family member or an acquaintance.  Some students, who did not know a soldier personally, asked GHS teachers or fellow students if they had a special soldier in their lives.  After choosing their subject, students acquired a photograph of the soldier to use as a model.

Pictured in collage format are the students and the portraits they completed.  The portraits were done in pencil and are beautiful to view in person.  Each student was asked to share their feelings on the project and their particular subject:
  • Aaliyah Brown – “I chose to do this portrait to honor my uncle and all the other veterans that serve or served our country.  My uncle, Christopher Kincaide, has served as a Marine for 11 years.”
  • Lauryn Buckingham – “I chose to do this project to honor our veterans.  The veteran I chose is my uncle, John Howard Britt.”
  • Cassandra Clupka – “I enjoyed doing the portrait of Mrs. Worsham’s family member.  We are not related, but I still felt a connection to this soldier.  He looks similar to my uncle who is also a veteran.  I just couldn’t get a picture of my uncle!”
  • Jeremiah Corey – “I chose to draw my grandfather because he practically raised me.  Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed his stories about when he was in the military.”
  • Jamaris Davis – “Veteran’s Day recently passed, so I chose to draw my cousin who is currently serving in Afghanistan.  I wanted to honor him for his hard work, dedication, and service for his native land.”
  • Katie King – “I chose to do this project to honor our veterans.  I drew my uncle, Donald King.”
  • Jessica McLean – “I chose to draw my uncle to honor him and the other veterans who fought and still fight for our freedom.”
  • Hinal Patel – “I chose to do this portrait to honor the veterans because they help us and serve for us.  Technical Sergeant Rodney Williams is the husband of GHS teacher Cassandra Williams.”
  • Portre Reed – “Well, I chose to do this portrait because veterans help us every day by fighting in wars.  I was honored to do this portrait of a relative of a fellow student.”
  • Kaylan Ware – “I chose to the veteran portrait because I believe it is important to honor our nation and those who have served.  My portrait is of my grandfather, Bobby Lynn Roberts.”
  • Regis Williams – “I did my veteran’s portrait of my uncle.  He is a role model, and he served in two wars.”
  • Jasmine Willis – “I chose to do this picture because I wanted to honor our veterans on their day.  The person in the portrait I drew is my brother, Stephon Willis.  He is in the Army, and he served in Afghanistan.”
  • Taylor Wilson – “I chose to do this portrait for Mrs. Donna Gordon.  She is a nice lady and I wanted to something for her. 

These portraits are on display in the lobby of Grenada High School where students, faculty, and visitors can fully appreciate them.  Thanks to these students for their efforts in honoring our troops, both past and present.  Thanks also to all members of the military for the service you provide or have provided to us and our country.  Your work is greatly appreciated. 
*Kyndale Baker and Kaylee McKelroy also contributed portraits but were not present to comment on them. 

Photo of Stephanie Raper

Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor