Lions Club Service Activities

By Pamela Hubbard
Lions Club Member

The Grenada Lions Club has as its service and mission to serve those who need assistance with sight and hearing. Every year the Lions Club screens sight at the Grenada School District Elementary Schools to ensure that all students can see properly. If a child shows signs of needing further testing, the school nurse is informed. The Lions have helped students’ families eligible for financial assistance purchase glasses through the generosity of 20/20 Eye Care and Lions Club funds. Every year several students have been able to successfully learn because the Lions Club Screening brought awareness to their sight need.

Since the Lions Club is also interested in hearing impairment, Sally Whalley Rupp, CED-HI, Itinerate Teacher of the Deaf/HH with Grenada School District, described her work with hearing impaired students for club members. A Deaf Education Specialist, she travels from school to school to work with several students, each with a different degree of hearing loss and different needs in learning. Parental permission is given to assess and train students. She may show a teacher how to break down or translate regular lessons into a format understood by the hearing impaired student or tutor students in the skills they need to continue functioning in the classroom.

Ms. Rupp said, “ My goal is to encourage students and assist them in optimizing their skills. They just need some assistance and special techniques to do so.” Ms. Rupp offers a free public beginner’s sign language class on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7 p.m. at the Grenada High School.
Lions Service Activities