Gifted Education- LEAP

Grenada Upper Elementary Address 500 Pender Drive
Mission Statement

Project LEAP
(Learning Enrichment and Progress)

The philosophy of Project LEAP is to maintain a purpose to develop the intellectual, personal, social, and physical self of the gifted student. The program seeks to provide opportunities for enrichment beyond the regular classroom. Through divergent thinking and self-expression, the program strives to instill positive attitudes and values to produce effective individuals and leaders in a cooperative atmosphere.

Definition of Gifted- State Definition:
“Intellectually Gifted Children” shall mean those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process.

Grenada School District Definition:
“Gifted Education Programs (GEP) shall mean special programs of instruction for intellectually gifted children in grades 2-6. Such programs shall be designed to meet the individual needs of gifted children and shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district.

Objectives/Outcomes Thinking Skills
Research Skills
Group Dynamics
Affective Education/Communication
Self-Directed Learning
Career Exploration
The Arts
Gifted At-Risk Students