Help Your Child Succeed

Grenada Upper Elementary
500 Pender Drive
Elementary school students need their parents to be involved and interested in their education. The following items are a few suggestions on how to support your child in their education.

Provide a good place to study

Your child needs a place to study that is quiet, well-lit, comfortable, and has all of the necessary materials and resources for their studies.

Help your child set academic goals

At the beginning of school and each term help your child determine what grade he/she should be able to attain for each course he/she is taking. Help your child set realistic goals for him/her to work towards.

Attend all parent programs available

Our school has a “meet the teacher/parent day”, “Open House,” “Veterans Day” program, etc. during the year. When you attend these programs as a parent, you gain valuable information about your child’s school, classes, activities, and the opportunity to meet his/her teachers. More importantly, you send a message to your child that his/her education and the successes he/she will experience are important to you.

Attendance When your child misses school, he/she misses irreplaceable instruction and learning opportunities. He/she has missed class notes, lectures, activities, various assignments, and lab experiments, all of which are valued, relevant learning experiences. No matter how conscientious your child is to make up these assignments, he/she can never fully reach the learning experiences and opportunities due to his/her absence and inability to participate in the lesson. Send a clear message to your child on the importance of his/her education by helping him/her attend school every day. If your child displays apathy, a negative attitude towards school, or is missing a number of days, consider contacting the counselor for assistance.

Indian Proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”