Classworks at GUES

Students at GUES visit the computer lab once a week and during that time they are completing lessons in math, reading, lanugage arts, and science through the Classworks program. Students can also complete assignments from anywhere with interent access by using the following link to login.

Classworks Student Login
Classworks Teacher Login

About Curriculum Advantage, Inc.

Curriculum Advantage, Inc. is a technology learning company that provides educational solutions through Classworks, a web-based curriculum resource in mathematics, reading, language arts, and elementary science. Curriculum Advantage, Inc. offers students, teachers and administrators educator-developed and research-based software solutions that are proven to be effective in raising student performance.

Launched in 1993, Curriculum Advantage's Classworks consistently provides instruction that improves student achievement, and tools to help classroom teachers meet the growing demand for accountability. Classworks instruction is aligned to local, state and national standards and assessment objectives. Classworks is grounded in scientifically-based research and has a proven record of positive results, which allows schools using Classworks to be confident that the instructional strategies are sound and that the program will contribute to improved student academic achievement.

Classworks offers 10,000+ activities and 6000+ hours of interactive, standards-based, managed instruction. More than one million students have benefited from using Classworks.

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