Fourth and fifth graders are very curious and learn best by experiencing and exploring their environment. At Grenada Upper Elementary, we offer our students many opportunities for these optimum learning experiences. Upon entering the front door of GUES, the Discovery Lab dominates the view. Inside the Lab’s glass walls, a variety of creative activities are provided for our inquisitive students. Hands-on opportunities for learning through an inquiry-based curriculum expand student learning by direct experiences. The instructional process achieves success by increasing student knowledge through activities, experiments, and the latest advances in technology. An extension of the Discovery Lab is an outdoor, team building, challenge course that teaches the importance of cooperation, a valuable skill for future success.

To the left of the entrance hall, the visitor finds Grenada Upper Elementary School’s library. This facility is complete with Follett’s computerized “Search Plus,” a service that enables easy access to reading materials, access to search engines for on-line research, and access to worldwide databases provided by Magnolia Service. The library is a center for learning retrieval technology and an environment for enjoying a good book.

The GUES music department optimizes instruction using Orff Instruments, individual portable keyboards, and a wide range of instruments and instrumental software. Opportunities for theatrical performance are available via two plays that are presented each year. During December, A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker alternate yearly, and in the spring, a familiar children’s classic is performed. Opportunities to sing and dance while representing the school as ambassadors are provided by the school’s showchoir group, Pizzazz!

Students at GUES are encouraged to participate in the local science and reading fairs, which fosters student skills in working individually or in groups. These fairs also offer students opportunities to gain confidence in the areas of public speaking and competition. Students have weekly classes in computer skills in a well-equipped and up-to-date lab. Two classroom sets of wireless laptops are also available to all classes. These options provide fourth and fifth graders with the tools required to be prepared to be responsible, technology-oriented individuals.

Honored with receiving the John D. Bower School Health Grant, Grenada Upper Elementary is noted for being on the cutting edge of “health smart” practices. We strive to equip our students and staff with proper fitness habits and sound nutritional information so they will have the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The SPARK Physical Education curriculum and Dance Revolution are featured in P.E. classes. A partnership with the Mississippi State University Cooperative Extension Service provides a health educator that allows us to offer a superior health curriculum. An EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment) nurse on staff provides our students with services in the areas of health and well-being.

Diverse achievement levels are accommodated by classes in basic, remedial, and accelerated courses. Intellectually gifted students are granted the opportunity to participate in the LEAP program at Grenada Upper Elementary, a program emphasizing enrichment activities and in-depth studies. Gifted LEAP Art is offered to artistically talented students. After school tutoring and Title I services are provided for children needing support services to improve in academics. Our students are also accommodated through the offering of different classroom styles: traditional, multi-age, and looping programs. Self-contained, partnering, and the grouping of teachers are additional diverse learning environments we offer to our students.

Grenada Upper Elementary School strives to offer the very best to fourth and fifth grade students by making the children our top priority. Our staff works to move forward with the latest in technological advances and to teach a solid curriculum to generate student progress.

Please visit GUES to enjoy the beautiful campus and learn more about all of our offerings. Additional information can be obtained by visiting GUES on the web at the following address: