Advanced Placement Courses are offered to scholastic achievers seeking college credit from high school classes in English, calculus, government, U.S. history, economics or biology. By completing the classes with a specified score, students receive college credit from the State College Board.

Mississippi Virtual Public School (MVPS) is a web-based ed- ucational service offered by the Mississippi Department of Education to expand the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Studentscan access a wider range of course work, have scheduling flexibility, and the opportunity to develop as independent learners. MVPS offers additional Advanced Placement (AP) course options, alternatives to traditional learning, enhanced educational technology use, and assistance to school districts in offering subject areas where teachers are limited or nonexistent.

Dual Enrollment is a joint initiative of Grenada School District and Holmes Community College to increase educational opportunities for GHS students with 14 or more high school core units of credit. Students can enroll for college classes during high school and earn high school and college credits during the same school year, providing an accessible and economical method for students to begin their college careers.

To further broaden their educational training, the school extends opportunities for growth and leadership through clubs and extracurricular activities. To foster a well-rounded individual, many fine arts and athletic opportunities are offered.

Grenada High School students have the option to participate in the Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC). One of eleven units in Mississippi, the NJROTC Program strives to teach self-discipline and self-confidence and to instill an ability to lead and motivate. Classroom instruc-tion emphasizes citizenship, basic naval orientation and history, sea power, and seamanship. Classroom academics are augmented throughout the year by drill teams, a running team, community service activities, orientation trips, and other military training. Participation in NJROTC can assist students who are competing for an ROTC University scholarship or an appointment to the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, or West Point and allows entry into the armed forces up to three pay grades higher than other enlistees.
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Standard graduation requirements include:
Students graduating from GHS earn 24 credit units unless participating in the Graduation Opt-out Policy, in which they must earn 21 credits.(Opt-out allows one less science or math, 1/2 less economics and 1/2 less geography, 1/2 less physical education, and one less elective.)
 Standard graduation requirements include:
ENGLISH - 4 credits
MATHEMATICS - 4 credits; Algebra I is required. Next two credits must be math subjects higher than Algebra I.
SCIENCE - 4 credits; Biology is required and Chemistry or Physical Science required
SOCIAL STUDIES - 4 credits; Mississippi Studies, Geography, World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics
HEALTH and P.E. - 1/2 credit in each; Contemporary Health or Family and Individual Health
THE ARTS - 1 credit; Art I, Introduction to Theater Arts, Band, or Visions
ELECTIVES - 5 credits

The varying academic and technological needs of Grenada High School students are met by rendering a broad range of concentrated instruction and courses to prepare students for the global world. Math and science courses are supplied for every level and a variety of languages are offered. For students requiring general or pre-college studies, Grenada High School offers special programs in addition to the regular curriculum for the pursuit of realistic goals.

Recognizing the importance of vocations that are vital to everyday life, Grenada High School encourages students with interests and aptitudes in vocational areas to pursue courses at the Career & Technical Center. The Center offers a practical environment with sequenced programs in a variety ofjob skills. These programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level employment from high school or further specialty study in their chosen vocation.

Keystone is a course taught in 9th grade and is an introduction to career pathways and career decision-making. The course was developed to meet the needs of career academies including content in self-development, career clusters, pathways, and choices, as well as, financial planning. The course is designed to be taught in a “flipped” classroom environment where students are introduced to the content outside of class and actually experience the content during class.

GHS Video!-Voice narratives were created by GHS students.
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