Stuffee and Principal Woods Reading Two men reading with Stuffee

Mayor Collins with young reader

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National Young Readers Week
November 10-14, 2014
Stuffee says, "Read Your Heart Out!"

On Friday, November 14th The Grenada Elementary School as well as the school Library held a special reading challenge called “Stuffee says, ‘Read Your Heart Out!’” to celebrate National Young Readers Week, November 10-14.  Stuffee, the GES Kidzeum mascot, invited local celebrities such as Mayor Billy Collins, Police Chief Ben Williams, Fireman Paul Reese, Superintendent Dr. David Daignault, Assistant Superintendent Dr. McInnis, Mississippi State Extension Agent Jan Walton, Junior Auxiliary President Marianne Bell, Grenada chapter of 100 Black Men of America Vice-President of Operations Charles Latham, Kids Company representative David Livingston, PTO president Lauren Leslie, and several local ministers including Jonathan Moore, Clarence Buchanan, Kevin Jackson, Earnest Hargrove, Brent Barker, Keith Howard, and John Goldwater to participate by “Reading Their Heart Out” for one hour in the school foyer, commons, or library.  School celebrities including Principals Dr. Vivian Simmons and Mr. Raleigh Wood, Vice-Principal Dawn Walls, Principal Intern Tina Moore, and Librarian Katie Hood also participated in the event. 

According to the Book It Program website, “National Young Readers Week is an annual event that was co-founded in 1989 by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.”  This year they challenged principals across the country to “Read Their Heart Out!” in honor of National Young Readers week.  Our principals accepted the challenge and pledged to make sure reading happened throughout the school day.  Throughout the week leading up to the event, students heard excerpts from popular books read aloud over the intercom to help promote excitement for reading.  On Friday classes had to opportunity to hear Stuffee’s community celebrities read a favorite book aloud.  With three locations used as “Read Your Heart Out” zones students in grades K-3 were able to continuously see community celebrities reading from morning bell to afternoon bell. 

We would like to thank our community members for their involvement and Cross Country Seeds for graciously loaning us two cedar fanback rocking chairs.  Without your support events like this could not take place.  Children learn to enjoy reading by example. When they see adults whom they admire and look up to reading, students will be more likely to read for enjoyment as well. Meeting people from a variety of occupational fields helps to reinforce the fact that reading plays an important role in any career a person chooses.

Visito reading to childrenfireman reading to children