Energy Conservation Program Reduces Carbon Footprint

 GSD’s implementation of an innovative organizational behavior-based energy conservation and management program has saved enough energy in 17 months to effectively plant more than 24,150 trees and saving $222,614. The program is administered through a strategic alliance with Energy Education, a national company whose energy conservation programs have saved more than $2.6 billion for educational and ministerial organizations since 1986. The Grenada School District was recently honored with the Award for Energy Stewardship for outstanding environmental resource stewardship. 

The program delivers an environmental benefit from reduced carbon footprint. Energy not used prevents the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. According to EPA/EGrid figures, in the 17 months of the program, Grenada School District saved 9,159 MMBTU, the equivalent of 944 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions being prevented, 169 cars removed from the road, or 24,150 pine trees grown for 10 years.

“This energy program is an excellent vehicle to assist our personnel in practicing good stewardship of our resources,” said Dr. Daigneault, Superintendent

Energy Education Specialist Ms. Lynne Russell receives intensive training from Energy Education energy specialists to implement conservation procedures in all of the system’s facilities. She conducts energy audits to ensure that students and faculty are comfortable during class times and scheduled activities, and that energy is used only as necessary. She works hard to motivate everyone in the organization to use energy wisely, keep classrooms comfortable, and practice smart energy strategies. She states, “ The faculty, staff, and administrators have been so wonderful and helpful in implementing these energy saving strategies! The willing participation of virtually every staff person — faculty, administrators, food service, maintenance and custodial people have added to our success.”
Energy Graph
Energy Education’s innovative Transformational Energy Management® process trains client personnel to implement behavioral and organizational change that substantially reduces energy consumption without the purchase of new equipment. The program is funded solely and rapidly by the savings it generates, allowing clients to redirect saved energy dollars to other priorities. In 26 years, Energy Education has worked with more than 1,200 educational and ministry organizations, helping clients save over $2.6 billion in utility costs. Energy Education earned the 2011 and 2012 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and was named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for 2009 and 2010.