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Grenada School District and Holmes Community College have expanded their partnership to increase educational opportunities for GHS students. The initiative provides options for students with 14 or more high school core units of credit to enroll for college classes during high school. The students have “dual enrollment,” in which they earn high school and college credits during the same school year.

Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault states, “This strategy provides an accessible and economical method for students to begin their college careers. Many of our seniors complete classes about 1:00 in the afternoon. Holmes coordinates classes for GHS students to begin at 1:40 and also offer the options of night classes. These flexible schedules allow GHS students to already have obtained several hours of college credit when they graduate from high school.”

A parent of two girls who studied at two Mississippi universities states, ”Holmes classes are such an economic bargain! One of my daughters took a three hour course from Holmes that cost a little over $200, whereas the expenses for a similar course at a senior college has a price tag of almost $900. This difference only considers the price of tuition. When a parent considers the other expenses of housing, food, and transportation of residing on a college campus, the savings are huge!”

The GHS Principal states, “The opportunities, advantages, and requirements of this initiative have been explained to our students and parents. To qualify for participation in the dual enrollment program, a student must have completed 14 core units, have an overall B average, and receive a recommendation from the principal or counselor.”

Holmes Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Assistant Center Director Martha Cofer says, ”The student to teacher ratio at Holmes is much smaller that at a 4-year school. This gives the students access to the teacher. All of the Holmes teachers are seasoned professionals accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. At Holmes Community College in Grenada, a student can take foundation courses for any major that can be transferred to a senior college.”


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