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by Cindy Willis, Band Secretary

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Band Night... A GSD Tradition

Band Night was a big success, with the bands performing for a packed stadium! The evening’s events ran smoothly with excellent student performances, the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes work that expanded far beyond rehearsals. Band Night preparations also encompassed gathering raffle items, ticket preparation and distribution, concession stand readiness, and organization of parent booster volunteers for the event.

We are very fortunate to have received great support from dozens of businesses that donated items for the Band Night raffles. These donations were gathered by Jennifer Dickson,Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee. She visited businesses to request donations, returned to pick up the donated items, and bundled the items to provide raffle packages that were approximate in value. The raffle packages, therefore, contained a variety of items that provided a multitude of rewards for the winners.
Entrance gate tickets were designed and printed several weeks in advance to provide ample time for the tickets to be distributed and sold at community businesses. Tickets were also disseminated to the B100 radio station to be given away to listeners that week.

Band night started early for band parent volunteers. The gates were opened at 6:00 p.m. and required several volunteers to supervise entry into the stadium in an organized and timely manner before the performances began. Pre-show activities of selling raffle tickets and concessions also required the invaluable assistance of parent volunteers.

After Band Night, fall contests, and football game performances, preparations begin for the next show for the fall of 2012. The directors will discuss different show concepts and by the middle of November they will have devised a general plan for the next show. In the next step, the directors will meet with a variety of potential drill writers and musical composers from across the country that will create a show composed of all the concept elements.

After the team of drill writers and composers are selected, the design creation for the guard will begin. Each uniform the guard wears is custom designed and created to correlate with the show’s theme. These components of music arrangements and compositions, drill and guard designs, and show concepts take many months of preparation to produce the final product seen on the field each year.

The fall performances of Grenada Bands are the culmination of creative collaborations, organization and implementation of countless parent volunteer work, hours of sweaty band rehearsals, individual practice of music, and parental support of cleaning uniforms and transporting students. The directors and students are proud of this year’s performance and are looking forward to the formulation of next year’s show.

Band students with hats
trombone player
tow band stuents