2014 GED Recipients
Tie Plant Participates in Ceremony

Tie Plant Skills Day
2013 GED Recipients

2012 GED Recipients
Tie Plant Celebrates "See You at the Pole"

The Tie Plant School facility houses the Grenada School District programs of Alternative Education and one of the GED Programs.

•GED Program
The GED Program is designed for students at least 16 years old and two or more grade levels below their appropriate placement. Class work in social studies, science, literature, writing, and mathematics is geared toward preparing students for the GED test. Practice tests are generally given three times during the school year. Students scoring an overall average of 45 on the practice test are deemed eligible to take the GED test. Additional GED/skills classes are provided in conjunction with the Career and Technical Center giving students the option to include training for a skill while studying to obtain a GED.

•Alternative Education
Students recommended for this program are given the opportunity to evaluate their behavior for modification, improve relationships with students and teachers, and improve attendance habits. Alternative Education has allowed many students to modify their behavior and to improve academically.

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