During the recent SACS evaluation the Quality Assurance Review Team commended the Grenada School District for the following:

•The Superintendent is a visionary and passionate leader who sets the direction of the school district by being an instructional leader and a compassionate supporter for “meeting the needs of all students.”

•There is an expectation that building administrators are visible in classrooms daily and that equity and diversity are honored by teachers, staff, and students.

•Communication and collaboration with the community is seen as a clear strength in supporting the many curricular and co-curricular opportunities and activities in the schools with an outstanding amount of involvement among community service organizations, partnerships with area educational institutions, and parent organizations.

•There is a wide range of opportunities for ALL students to learn at expected levels with the many interventions, enrichment activities, and competitions available each year for students K-12, both in the schools and in the community.

•The fine arts programs have been recognized at the local, state, and national levels for outstanding products and performances with real audiences for validation.

During the recent SACS evaluation the Quality Assurance Review Team determined that the Grenada School District must act on the following required actions:

•Implement a comprehensive system to help students transition from one level of schooling to another.  Plan specific events to orient both parents and students to the expectations in the next level of education from home to school and from Kindergarten through grade 12.

•Design a comprehensive program evaluation plan to determine the organizational effectiveness of the programs and initiatives implemented in the schools.

•Determine their cost effectiveness and level of success over time to move the district toward successful completion of the goals for the school system.