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Upcoming Accreditation Procedures

As part of our District’s emphasis upon improvement and overall excellence, GSD is participating in a voluntary process of accreditation through SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). This process establishes educational excellence and defines the credibility and performance of our District. Accreditation examines the whole institution- the programs, the cultural context, and the community of stakeholders to determine how well each part works together to meet the needs of students.

Not all schools in Mississippi are accredited. SACS Accreditation sets our District apart as adhering to standards of educational excellence. This designation provides our District with viable credibility of our educational quality with a standard recognized throughout the Southeast.
All of our standards assessments have been submitted to SACS and have been accepted. These standards assessments have reported and defined our commitment to continue the process of student improvement, ensure the effectiveness of our instructional systems, and have assured the quality of performance throughout the District.

Charts of our District’s documented academic results are being posted at every school. These notices graph the analyzed data of the last four years’ of MCT2 testing results by school and subject area. This posted data is designed to improve instruction by allowing appropriate analysis of testing which allows principals, administrators, and teachers to collaborate and define the needed improvements and changes in instruction at the grade level.

The GSD SACS accreditation procedures will officially begin February 5th and will conclude February 8. A team of five educators, two of whom will be from out of state, will visit our District and conduct the process. Interviews with staff, administrators, and stakeholders will take place and all gathered data will be synthesized into the final SACS report.
Photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault