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LEAP Students Enjoy Historical Field Trip

By Angie McElwrath
LEAP Teacher
During the last days of school, 2nd and 3rd grade LEAP ( Learning, Enrichment, and Progress) students enjoyed a tour of Grenada. First stop on the tour was the Visitor Center at Grenada Lake where the children learned that the lake was built for flood control, not just for recreation.

Next, Mr. Derry Brunt met the students at the Grenada History Museum downtown. The students were entertained by looking at many historical paraphernalia and being told lots of stories about Grenada in the old days. The students then toured the Coca-Cola Museum as well as the Mayor’s office.

Afterwards, P.A.L.S. (Parents And LEAP Supporters) treated the students to a picnic lunch on the square. The students took a walking tour from the front of the GLAD Building on Line Street and continued to Margin Street. They walked down Margin Street and viewed the Whitaker home and Golladay Hall. The present owner of Golladay Hall greeted the students, delivered a special presentation about the house, and answered any questions.

The students loaded back on the bus and toured the Oddfellows Cemetery and the Yellow Fever Cemetery before heading back to school.
The tours offered a wonderful experience for students to actually see the places where topics they have learned about have taken place. Nurturing an appreciation for the past helps students prepare for the future. After all, these students are the future of our town. Many thanks to all of the people who helped make this trip possible where many great memories were made!
LEAP Visits Historical Sites